Thursday, July 29, 2010


In my dad's garden one would find many kinds of roses.
My mother loved to paint roses.

They instilled in me a love of roses.
It's my favorite flower.

My home is full of roses. By that, I mean on bedspreads, curtains,
rugs, wallpaper borders, pillows, dishes, flower arrangements,etc.

And if my husband doesn't forget, he gives me roses on special
Did I mention that it's my favorite flower?

I love them in the form of buds knowing it won't be long until they are
about to open in full bloom.

I love the smell of roses, even when they are faded and about to fall off
their stem.
I collect the faded flower that drops and comes apart in my
hand from my own rose bushes and make popourri.
My sister jokingly teases me and tells me that I should request that
my ashes be mixed in said popourri and the family could make
small gift bags with it and give them away at my funeral.
Ha ha I reply, knowing she is making fun of my obsession with roses.

God really outdid Himself when he created the rose.
It must be His favorite flower also.
I like to think so anyway.



Carol said...

Hi Christine!
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I'm so glad your Sis directed me to your new blog.

Your roses are beautiful, thanks for sharing pics.

Hope you'll come by to visit my blog soon. : )


Gloria said...

Hi Christine! I'm here from Ninny's Notes. Welcome to The Blog World! Your post on roses is superb! I too love them!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I really enjoyed your first post!! Keep them coming!!

Miz Liz
Caribou Crackers

Anonymous said...

I love roses, too. Yellow ones are my favorite.
Your blog is beautiful!!

Gizzy's Mom said...

I save my rose petals too. Mine sit in the parlor in a heart shaped basket.

I came over from your sister's blog to say: "Welcome to blogging".

Katidids said...

Hi Here from Ninny's & welcome to a new world!
I LOVE roses but am so disappointed to see how many have been breed scentless. We always get snippets of great scented to try and root.

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

Hi Christine, I too, want to say Welcome on your first post. I will be reading more of your entries. :) Gerry