Monday, October 31, 2011

Too Much of a Good Thing = Exhaustion

When I was still teaching I grew to dread Halloween as I got older. Don't get me wrong, I participated in dressing up and got into all the hull-a-ba-loo with all the kids on that "day" of all days. In my early years of teaching it would be an all day event, but later in my career it was cut down somewhat. Two hours at the most at the end of the school day. No matter, because the kids were hyper and excited the minute they walked into the classroom door. Crowd control was the number one goal of the day.  Visitors dressed as zombies, rock stars, etc. would come by offering free tickets to Halloween carnivals and that would add to the choas. When party time arrived I remember parents arriving in costume to serve treats and play games with all my little spooks and goblins. Kids throwing up from too many sweets was par for the course.  I remember being pregnant and holding a bag for a little girl to throw up in and she and I both ended up in the bathroom spilling our guts. Not a pretty sight.

The last year I taught I remember after each holiday party thinking that was my last. Last Halloween party, Christmas, Valentine and end of year party. The following year I would smirk with glee thinking of all my co-workers having to endure those  party days and I was FREE! I didn't have to endure another Halloween party again. I know I sound like an old fuddy duddy but you have no idea the stress party days put on teachers.

Now I've said all this to let you know that again I have lost my mind and have subjected myself to the same stressful, hectic and exhaustion of having a Halloween party every year. For my grandchildren!  I'm afraid it has become an annual event at Nana and Papa's. Papa fixes the food and I decorate and plan games. Saturday was the big event and everyone came in costume.

The Hubs and I.

Nana and some of her spooks.

It's not easy getting the spooks to sit still for a picture.

Hot dogs and chili were on the menu.

Tons of games all directed by Nana.

One little spook acting silly.

My attempt at a Halloween cake.

For some odd reason I didn't get any picture of the dressed up adults. I guess it was because I was so busy with entertaining everyone. I know my daughter-in-loves took pictures, so I will have to get some from them.  By the time everyone left I was exhausted and so glad I didn't have to go through this again until next year. You may be thinking why does she put herself through all this if it is so stressful and tiring. If you are a grandparent then you know the answer. If not, then let me put it this way. They love it and look forward to it all year. You will do anything and endure anything for your grandchildren. So there you have it. One thing I have learned in life is never say never!

Hope you have a fun Halloween.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rocky's Antics

             When I'm dogged tired I can sleep anyway and anywhere.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Words on Hope

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.

Helen Keller

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where Is My Hubby?????

A couple of days ago my husband came home from running some errands. I was on the computer blogging and I heard him come in and then he went out again. I imagined he must be working on something or whatever. I didn't stop blogging to go see what he was up to until about thirty minutes later. I went through the house and he was no where to be found. His truck was in the driveway so I knew he hadn't left to go somewhere. He would have told me anyway if he was leaving again. I decided to let the dogs out for a few minutes and went out with them. I thought I heard someone hammering as I opened the patio door but then it stopped. Someone must be building something I thought. I sat down on one of our comfortable deck chairs to go through the mail when all of the sudden I heard a constant banging that didn't stop and thought my neighbor was working on another one of her projects. The dogs even went to the fence barking. Then I heard someone yelling my name over and over again and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. My hubby had locked himself in the shed. Sure enough I opened the door and there he was. The wind had blown the door shut and it can't be opened from the inside. He'd been stuck in there for about thrity minutes. 

I've always had a fear of that happening to me so I've always propped the door with something so it wouldn't.  He said he knew I was on the computer and it would be awhile before I'd start looking for him. He was thinking as a last resort to climb out the SMALL window in the back in order to get out if he was in there too much longer.  He would have had to go head first and that wouldn't be pretty. We both got a good laugh out of it but that was because he hadn't been in there too long. I guess he'll either fix the door to open from the inside or prop it open the next time.

It is never dull around our house.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This and That

We here in NE Oklahoma (aka Green Country) are enjoying temps in the low 60's this week. My flowers are loving it. They've perked right up and are showing off in full glory after such a long hot summer. I'm glad I didn't give up on them and discard them for having to water them like crazy.

Some of you have asked me how my eye is doing after cataract surgery. It is doing great. One week check-up is tomorrow and they will tell me then when the next eye is scheduled for surgery. For about five days it felt like I had an eyelash in my eye but that is subsiding. I have to use three different eyedrops four times a day and then next week only three times a day. Each week after gets less and less meds. I can really notice a difference between the "new" eye and the one that still has a cataract. The new one is so much clearer and brighter. The new lense helps me see without my glasses. The eye with the cataract has a yellow haze over it that I hadn't noticed before. I can't wait to get it fixed so I can see more clearly. 

This is my last rose to bloom for the season. Isn't it beautiful? This is my favorite color for a rose. I have pink ones and red ones but I love this particular color. This one I have potted on the patio.  That way I can see it everyday without walking too far.

Hope everyone has a great day and God bless.


Monday, October 17, 2011

He's How Old?

This weekend was a busy one like most of our weekends. Soccer games with the grandsons and shopping with the granddaughters and celebrating a birthday. Our oldest son turned 35 years old Saturday. Sometimes it seems just like yesterday we were bringing him home as an infant and at other times it feels like it was a lifetime ago. 

Marc was a brown haired, brown eyed cutie. And he still is.

When he was a senior in high school he became an Eagle Scout, which took hard work and dedication. He graduated with a degree in Speech Therapy and is now working on his master's degree in Family Counseling. He works a 40 hour week, takes classes at night, plus an internship four hours a day at a Tulsa clinic that offers counseling for those with addictions. Somehow he works in time with his wife and two little girls. Have I ever mentioned that he's had Type One diabetes since he was 15?  He has never complained, "why me." He has taken it all in stride and has learned to live with it and manage it as best he can.


Marc and his wife are dedicated christian workers in their church, which is a mission church that was planted in their community. She teaches a Sunday school class and he drives a bus.  Do I sound like a proud mom. You betcha.

I remember wondering what our boys would do when they reached adulthood. What kind of husbands would they be? What occupations would they choose? I use to worry some about their futures. God, who has such a sweet and compassonate soul, has taken care of all my concerns about my children. I am so thankful.

Happy Birthday son. We love you.


Postnote:  I promise not to bore you for another year about this son. You will however, have to read another proud mother's tribute to her other son in January. (smiles)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rite of Passage

There are times in ones' life that are considered "rites of passage", such as graduating from high school or college, getting your driver's license, getting your own apartment, getting married, having children, starting a career, or retirement, playing with grandchildren. I've reached all of those milestones and then some.  As of yesterday I can add another "rite of passage" to my list, cateract surgery. The only problem with this "rite" is that it means my body is aging. I'm not too excited about that of course. It gets me to wondering what's next. Knee and hip replacements, incontinence, false teeth, hearing aids ????? 

In my mind I'm still that young, cute little brunette my husband fell in love with. Then I look in the mirror.  Reality sets in big time. Oh well, as they say, what's the alternative.  Anyway, the surgery was a breeze. Much easier than getting a filling at the dentist, but way more expensive.  The total time for the whole process was around an hour and a half. The surgery itself was a little under ten minutes. They had us lined up on beds ready to wheel one right after the other into the operating room. I felt like I was on an assembly line. Don't get me wrong, they were very nice and considerate considering how many they had done that day. While I was in there I asked if the doctor could go ahead and give me an eyelid lift while he was at it. Hey, it was worth a try.

Have you seen little old ladies going around wearing sunglasses like these?  Thank goodness I just have to wear them outside for a week and then I will be free of glasses forever, except when I read. Then I'll be like one of those little old ladies wearing a necklace to hold my reading glasses around my neck so I won't lose them. At the rate I'm going it won't be long and I'll be knocking on the door of a nursing home!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Rowdy Says

Mom has told us when we start "rough housing" in the house to take it outside. The problem is, how do I do that when "the kid" starts it inside the house? 


Friday, October 7, 2011

Boomer Sooner

As most of you know I am not an avid football fan, BUT, when it comes to Oklahoma Sooners vs. the Texas Longhorns I will stop and actually sit down and watch this game on TV. Saturday at eleven in the morning CST, the rivalry between these two teams will be broadcast from the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Fans from both teams, either watching from the stadium or glued to the television, will root for their home team. Life as we know it will come to a halt and food and drinks will be consumed in a party like atmosphere centered around this once a year phenomenon. We are no different, for  everyone in our family is getting together to watch the game and eat til we pop. 

Flags will be flying with crimson and cream colors blazing from front yards alerting everyone who sees them that OU fans are eager to show their pride on this day of all days. Woe to the Texas Longhorn fan who lives in Oklahoma and dares to parade in orange garb in any fashion on this day. Not a good idea.

BOOMER SOONER is the cry that will be heard from Oklahoma to Texas and back again whether there's a win or loss.  There is nothing like the OU fan. 

I will be incognito for most of the day. Please no phone calls and, I'm sad to say, I won't be blogging or catching up on facebook. Like I said, life comes to a halt around here when OU plays football.



Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Recently I was out on our outside deck and spotted this little fella. Creepy isn't he? He's about the size of a penny and looks kinda fuzzy. Anyone recognize this spider? I've never seen one like it in Oklahoma. Let me know if you have any idea.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pulling My Hair Out!

I am so frustrated with blogger right now. For some odd reason I can't leave comments on some of the blogs I follow. One day everything is working fine and then the next all has gone haywire. Comments to Gloria, Miz Liz and Kathy won't go through. This has been going on for over a week. Does this happen to anyone else?  Have I done something wrong? Can I fix it?  HELP!

Pulling my hair out and getting a headache,