Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday Girl

This is our oldest grandchild. She turns 8 years old Sunday. Isn't she a doll? She is just as sweet as she looks too. We gave her a birthday party with family and friends last Sunday and she had a birthday slumber party with her school friends last night at her house. They all brought sleeping bags and slept in a big tent in her backyard. Her mom camped out with them while her dad slept in the house with the baby. Next week she will have another birthday party at Build A Bear with her friends from church.  This girl knows how to celebrate!

We gave her a ticket to see Taylor Swift in Tulsa in September. I wrapped a book on Taylor Swift and put the ticket inside. When she unwrapped the book I told her that I thought the bookmark (ticket) was pretty special. She pulled it out and knew immediately what it was. Talk about surprised!  She was elated to say the least.  We took lots of pictures and made alot of wonderful memories. I just love birthdays and grandkids too.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Bad Manners

We have new neighbors across the street from us. They are a young couple with two small children. Every morning they let their black lab out and he wanders all over the neighborhood doing his morning business in everyone's yard.  Many times I've had to go out and clean my yard because the odor is very strong.  It's the first thing family and friends smell when they drive up and get out of the car. We haven't said anything to them yet but have returned their dog's business to their front yard. Either they haven't noticed or don't care. I know the next step is to go talk to them which is a chore I dread.  I don't want to seem like a grouchy neighbor but I find this to be very bad manners on their part.  You all know that I like dogs because I own two and I really like their "old" dog but I don't want it doing it's business in my yard.  What would you do?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011


A few weeks ago when I spent a few days with my sister we went to a place called POPS. I had heard about this place but had never been there.  It's located on the old Route 66 highway near Oklahoma City.  They sell gasoline, hamburgers, tee shirts, and POP. All kinds of pop from all over the world.  The pop is what draws people to this place by the droves.

A giant lighted sign in the shape of a pop bottle.

The outside of the store.

The walls are lined with pop and you can buy it cold individually or by the case.

                                              Just a few of the zany names of some of the pop.

There were some that had the Route 66 labels.  Notice the price of each bottle of pop.

I was too cheap to fork over $2.19 for a bottle of pop but enjoyed the experience of seeing a popular hangout for both the young and the old. So, if you are ever in the OKC area, drop by POPS and see what you think of the place.  I heard Paul McCartney loved it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rowdy Says

Have you heard the term, "in the dog house"?  Well, that little "pip squeek" is in the dog house big time.  I knew it was going to happen sooner than later.  All Mama had to do was consult with me and I could have told her that she was making a big mistake when she brought that little pup home.  That pup somehow got a hold of that thingy that connects to her camera and the computer and imports pictures to her blog and chewed that thingy up.  Mama has been so upset that even I don't want to get in her way. I heard her tell daddy that she was just going to take a break from posting on her blog until she gets things straightened out.  I think that could take awhile.  So, I guess I'm her favorite dog of the month for now until she simmers down.  We still have that pup around and he still bugs me all the time. I hate to admit it but if he were to leave I'd kinda miss having him around.  Kinda.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rowdy Says

An affectionate lick in the face won't score any brownie points from me for this pup.  Nope, not gonna happen.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Shot In The Arm

Where did the saying, A Shot in the Arm, come from?  I have always heard that phrase from someone when something happens to them that makes them feel good.  Maybe it came from getting a shot in the arm that makes one feel better after being so sick.  I haven't been sick but a short visit with my sister this weekend was like a "shot in the arm" for me.  It renewed my spirit. 

We talk to each other all the time, but I haven't seen her since last December. That's a long time for either of us to not see each other.  Her husband was sick for two months and other things came up that kept us apart.  We made up for it this weekend. Junkin, estate sales, shopping, eating and drinking crammed into three days wore us out, but it was a fun kind of exhaustion.

                                                                       estate sale

                                                           no explanation needed here

                                          viewed some real estate "open houses"

The whole time we are together our husbands don't see us much and they are usually on their own.  They don't mind though because they'd rather be home in a lounge chair watching a game than out shopping. Once I rest up from this sisterly get-together, I'll be ready to go again. 

I remember my mother telling me once that the reason she had another baby was because she didn't want me to be alone while growng up and have someone to lean on during the hard times once they were gone.  I'm so glad they decided to have my sister because I would have missed out on some of the best times of my life.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rocky's Antics

I am such a good helper. When my mama wiggles her toes that's my cue to pull her socks off her feet. It's one of my favorite chores to do.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Trees

Last Saturday our oldest grandson played in a soccer game near the school he attends.  The day was beautiful and it was shirt sleeve weather.  Our three year old grandson had a hard time concentrating on the game. He needed a deversion before he got in trouble with his mom. I talked him into going for a walk so we could hunt for tigers.  I told him I thought I saw one over by the big trees. 

As you see I wasn't exaggerating when I said big trees.  He loved climbing up into this one and I took his picture before he knew what I was doing.  I was able to talk him into posing for a few more.

We never did see a tiger, but at one time he pointed toward the sky and said he saw a dragon flying low to the ground.  This kid may have a short attention span but he does have a vivid imagination.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Front Door

This is our front door now.  It needs to be repainted.  We can repaint it the same color of green or go with another color.  I'd like to go with another color if we can figure what color to paint it.  This is where I would like to ask for your help. 

This is the color of the brick on our home.  A mixture of black, brown, tan and a light orange are the colors in the brick. As you can see, light, light grey and a darker grey are the colors of the trim. 

The front porch is sheltered by a partial roof and an overhanging maple tree. In a few weeks I'll plant flowers in reds and pinks all across the front flowerbeds.  I want a front door that pops when one sees it from the street. I've thought about black but that might darken the front porch. I am not a white door person.  Please help me make a decision on a color choice.  Any ideas?

I'm adding a picture of our home from the street so you can get a clear view of the front.  The front porch is where you see the maple tree.  It took me months to decide on a paint color for one of our bedrooms and I don't want to take that long to decide on the front door.  I'd like to get it done by next week if possible. 


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

I went to a few garage sales yesterday and only hit paydirt at one of them. 
I love this print of a young girl trying to reach the door knocker on the door. Looks like she is carrying a basket of goodies.  It's framed in a really nice gold frame and the subdued colors of the print are beautiful.  It is a 24 X 14 size and cost me a dollar.

Colorful flower pots for 50 cents each that I will fill with Easter eggs and grass and set on our Easter dinner table. 

This pretty plate and plate holder cost me a whopping one dollar. I'll put this item in my booth at Love's Brair Patch.  So I spent $3.00 total.  The other sales I went to were a bust.  One was a high dollar garage sale and my bet is they didn't make that much money.  They had lovely things and I saw a lot of things I would have liked but couldn't afford.

The only thing about my garage sale outing was I wasn't with my sister.  When we are together it is much more fun.