Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday Girl

This is our oldest grandchild. She turns 8 years old Sunday. Isn't she a doll? She is just as sweet as she looks too. We gave her a birthday party with family and friends last Sunday and she had a birthday slumber party with her school friends last night at her house. They all brought sleeping bags and slept in a big tent in her backyard. Her mom camped out with them while her dad slept in the house with the baby. Next week she will have another birthday party at Build A Bear with her friends from church.  This girl knows how to celebrate!

We gave her a ticket to see Taylor Swift in Tulsa in September. I wrapped a book on Taylor Swift and put the ticket inside. When she unwrapped the book I told her that I thought the bookmark (ticket) was pretty special. She pulled it out and knew immediately what it was. Talk about surprised!  She was elated to say the least.  We took lots of pictures and made alot of wonderful memories. I just love birthdays and grandkids too.


Carol said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaugher. Love her smile!


Gloria said...

Awesome gift! Happy Birthday to the little sweetie!

Out Back said...


My grandson turns 7 on this day too!


Ina in Alaska said...

Happy Birthday Granddaughter, wow! lots of parties!!!

You made my day with your comment in my post. I will be 59 in July!

As for the neighbors with the wandering dog... you may recall the house across from ours which was rehabbed so beautifully. Well, it was sold to a couple who live together. A whole other story... we knew of a family that was VERY INTERESTED in the house and we had told the guy rehabbing the house...whatever....Nice enough folks, they keep the property very neat. He has 4 VERY YOUNG children that he has part custody of (major custody battle going on with him and his ex) and she has two lovely girls, one is jr. high age and the other maybe a HS freshman. They have 2 dogs. The dogs were always loose and roaming in the beginning when they moved in. Could not stand it any more so one day I saw him in his driveway, pulled up and very nicely and with a smile asked if he was planning to put up a fence because his dogs (truthfully) were wandering all over, including on my property and driving my four dogs crazy. Which they were. Very carefully... I had to do it, those dogs were everywhere and they were going to get in big touble with our neighbors, everyone was complaining. To my delight he complied... a big fence. Problem solved. He still waves as I go by and I think it is ok but too bad if not. The dogs are contained and safe and not a nuisance any more. Good luck. It will take some confidence and humility to ask but you can do it. If that fails to work you should call animal control and report them for a loose dog problem.

Oklahoma Granny said...

She is one lucky girl for sure. All the parties plus a concert ticket! I've never seen Taylor Swift in concert but have been told she puts on a great one.

Mel said...

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Enjoy your wonderful birthday gift.

Ninny said...

Can't believe she turned 8 already. I remember when she was born!