Monday, April 25, 2011


A few weeks ago when I spent a few days with my sister we went to a place called POPS. I had heard about this place but had never been there.  It's located on the old Route 66 highway near Oklahoma City.  They sell gasoline, hamburgers, tee shirts, and POP. All kinds of pop from all over the world.  The pop is what draws people to this place by the droves.

A giant lighted sign in the shape of a pop bottle.

The outside of the store.

The walls are lined with pop and you can buy it cold individually or by the case.

                                              Just a few of the zany names of some of the pop.

There were some that had the Route 66 labels.  Notice the price of each bottle of pop.

I was too cheap to fork over $2.19 for a bottle of pop but enjoyed the experience of seeing a popular hangout for both the young and the old. So, if you are ever in the OKC area, drop by POPS and see what you think of the place.  I heard Paul McCartney loved it.


Carol said...

We visited Pops last summer and enjoyed looking around. Have you ever stopped by the round barn just east of Pops? Very cool!


Oklahoma Granny said...

POPS is a fun place to visit. Their food is pretty tasty too.

Gloria said...

Yes! Dog Drool Pop! Been looking all over for that! Just ordered a dozen cases for myself! (Don't tell my Mom, she'll think Dad did it OK?) Love Billy

Vee said...

(Have you ever visited Mile High Apple Pie somewhere out your way? It's also a truck stop in OK, I think, or was. I loved that place and I only visited once and that was years, decades, ago.) I'd like seeing the pop, but I'm too cheap to spend that kind of money on dog drool myself.

JackDaddy said...

I'll have to have a word with your sister for not buying you a bottle of pop! :)

Anonymous said...

What a great place!!

Anonymous said...

So that's what Jack Daddy meant when he said I should buy you a bottle of pop!

Anonymous said...

You should have bought a bottle of Bug Barf!!
Looks Refreshing :)

Ina in Alaska said...

When you next visit your sister please SPLURGE and treat yourself to a bottle... What a cool place! I would love to visit... xo