Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Trees

Last Saturday our oldest grandson played in a soccer game near the school he attends.  The day was beautiful and it was shirt sleeve weather.  Our three year old grandson had a hard time concentrating on the game. He needed a deversion before he got in trouble with his mom. I talked him into going for a walk so we could hunt for tigers.  I told him I thought I saw one over by the big trees. 

As you see I wasn't exaggerating when I said big trees.  He loved climbing up into this one and I took his picture before he knew what I was doing.  I was able to talk him into posing for a few more.

We never did see a tiger, but at one time he pointed toward the sky and said he saw a dragon flying low to the ground.  This kid may have a short attention span but he does have a vivid imagination.



Vee said...

Oh he's cute! I am very happy that no tigers were actually found. The dragon sounds kinda scary.

Girl, I've lived in Oklahoma for nearly three years so I know all about that wind sweeping down the plains and tornados and ice in winter. ☺

Gloria said...

That sure is a great tree for pics! Grandson is a cutie tooo!

Carol said...

Tree climbing + cloud watching = fun & great memories! He's so cute!


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Oh, I agree with everyone, what a handsome cutie and what fun memories you made!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Your grandson is a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!!!

Great Idea :)

JackDaddy said...

I love old trees!! Thanks.

Oklahoma Granny said...

What a grand time. Maybe next time you'll see a tiger or two.

Ina in Alaska said...

I think you are one clever Grandmother! Tigers! OH MY!

I remember to this day my mom taking us in the car on Halloween to show our Grandmother our costumes and she would tell us to look up in the trees to spot the ghosts and witches..... I swear they were there on Halloween!!!