Friday, October 7, 2011

Boomer Sooner

As most of you know I am not an avid football fan, BUT, when it comes to Oklahoma Sooners vs. the Texas Longhorns I will stop and actually sit down and watch this game on TV. Saturday at eleven in the morning CST, the rivalry between these two teams will be broadcast from the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Fans from both teams, either watching from the stadium or glued to the television, will root for their home team. Life as we know it will come to a halt and food and drinks will be consumed in a party like atmosphere centered around this once a year phenomenon. We are no different, for  everyone in our family is getting together to watch the game and eat til we pop. 

Flags will be flying with crimson and cream colors blazing from front yards alerting everyone who sees them that OU fans are eager to show their pride on this day of all days. Woe to the Texas Longhorn fan who lives in Oklahoma and dares to parade in orange garb in any fashion on this day. Not a good idea.

BOOMER SOONER is the cry that will be heard from Oklahoma to Texas and back again whether there's a win or loss.  There is nothing like the OU fan. 

I will be incognito for most of the day. Please no phone calls and, I'm sad to say, I won't be blogging or catching up on facebook. Like I said, life comes to a halt around here when OU plays football.




Anonymous said...

I'll miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Well the game came and went and I'm happy to say that there was no cussing at our house. :)

Sush said...

U speaka my language...only in Boomer voice. Mine is LSU Tiger speak. Have fun!