Monday, November 7, 2011

My Pups Aren't Spoiled!

 Many of you that follow my blog know that I am the proud owner of two dogs, Rocky and Rowdy.  They are all boy,if you know what I mean.  Into everything, play and fuss constantly.  You would think that they would have a healthy appetite but they stick up their noses when it comes to certain kinds of food. Dry dog food is one of them. Won't touch it.  I've also tried canned dog food and they will eat it a few times and then they stick up their noses at that. I have spent more money trying to please them and I am at my wits end.

I knew they would devour people food so I got online and read everything I could on homemade dog food versus store bought.  What I found out was that they need protein, carbos, certain nutrients found in veggies, and calcium. I decided to give it a try and found a recipe that was fairly simple. 

1 pound ground turkey
2 cups brown rice
1 tsp. dried rosemary
1/2 pkg frozen vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower)
6 cups of water

Place the water, ground turkey, rice and rosemary into a large Dutch oven. Stir until the ground turkey is broken up and evenly distributed throughout mixture.  Bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes. Add veggies and cook 5 minutes more. Remove from heat and let cool. Refridgerate until using.

My husband came home from some errands while I was in the middle of cooking and instantly asked me, "What is that smell?"  It wasn't to his liking but I could tell my pups were in fine tune with the smell. Noses twitching and under my heels the whole time. When I finished I packed the dog food in containers and froze them. I kept one out to try on Rocky and Rowdy.

I think I have finally found something they will eat. They loved it! They eagerly await the next feeding. I have found some other recipes I can't wait to try. I have slowly added the dry dog food into this recipe and they eat it as well now.

My kids and my husband think I am spoiling them and can't believe I am actually cooking now for my dogs. It has taken them a while to even comprehend that I have dogs that live in the house with me and now I am cooking homemade dog food for them. My family thinks I am going through my second childhood I think. LOL

Excuse me so I can take a homemade peach pie out of the oven for my two legged dog that I know I definitely spoil.



Gloria said...

I totatly understand this! I cooked a similiar meal for Billy for years. Even when we first got him, he would only eat a special high calorie gel in a tube. Then he finally ate the semi moist food for quite awhile. He was a tough one to please. I sure am glad Mindy like her dog food!

Ina in Alaska said...

Thanks for the great dog meal recipe. My dogs would also be drooling and twitching at your feet!

Don't worry about your family. Mine call me the Crazy Poodle Lady. I do treat my dogs like they are the children I never had (although I never wanted children either I should add...)


JackDaddy said...

As long as it makes you happy, spoil away!

Ninny said...

That is a great picture of Rocky and Rowdy! How did you get them to pose like that? Promise to cook for them?

Mel said...

I had considered making homemade dog food for my 3 pooches,but would need to make 12 pounds a day - decided not to do it.

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday, Christine!
A little bird on FB told me! :)

Sush said...

Wow...that sounds like a meal I'd serve my people family, forget the canines around here! I might have to give it a try on our pup that has a hard time with dog food.


Carol said...

I have tried several canned dog foods shopping the canine special stores and NOTHING pleases my toy Pom. I am doing boneless chicken fingers, boilig them and mixing alittle water when serving her. I suspect she is getting just allttle bored and would like some new cuisine. Definitely will give this a try..thanks for sharing

Carol from
Good 'Ol Texas