Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Should Be Ice Skating

The temperatures have really plummeted in Oklahoma this week. High today is 35 degrees F.  Night time temps are below freezing. That is cold for December. Usually these low temps are seen in January, not this month. This would be a good time to go ice skating if I had skates. NOT.  I'm too old to be learning to ice skate.  My knees couldn't take it. 

I had a cataract removed yesterday on my other eye. Now both are done and as they say, I can see clearly now. It's unbelieveable how bright everything is.  Before the surgeries it was like looking through yellow tinted sunglasses.  If anyone out there needs this surgery I would highly reccomend it. No pain and the surgery itself takes less than five minutes.

Blogging has been hit and miss for me this week. Hopefully, in the next few days I will be able to catch up on everyone's posts.  This is just a busy time of the year. I know everyone understands.



~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Of course 'we' understand!! I'm glad the surgery went well!!

I think we must have your temps here in Virginia--It's in the high 50's today, but a slushy snow is expected later tonight. We'll see!!

Take care, and by the way, I love your wreath!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Everyone seems to be really busy lately! Glad your surgery went well. Enjoy!

Sush said...

Hi happy your eye surgery was successful. So far that ailment has not been a problem for me but as my Mom had them I'm not going to pretend it might not one day appear.
I'm hoping the cold does not stay long when it appears here in NC. Just not a cold weather fan!
Love your decorations inside and outside on your home!
Is the ice skate wreath yours...very pretty!


Carol said...

Can't believe how cold it is, but you won't catch me complaining, it's better than 110. LOL


Gloria said...

My hubby had his done and loves it! Also last week, he had the lids and brows done, cause they were too droopy over his eyes.

Vee said...

I'll tell John. He is close to being ready for this surgery and I hope that it will be okayed. So glad that you are doing well and it must be such a kick to see clearly again.

I understand that we're all slipping into the deep freeze. The front is at our doorstep so no more of the mild stuff for a while. Hang tough and stay cozy!

Ina in Alaska said...

So glad your cataracts are gone and all is well in both eyes. I had Lasik years ago and was also surprised at how "easy" it was and how life without glasses (except I do wear readers at times) is GREAT!!!

I understand you are busy. Enjoy the holidays and stay warm! In NJ it has been warm, in the high 50s. Very rainy but pleasant. I head back to icy cold AK on Saturday morning. Brrr!!! Weather there has been awful but it will be great to see Mr. O and the dogs. It has been a busy and wonderful time here in NJ. xo

Mel said...

I am glad the surgery went well and you can see clearly now.

Inger said...

Great that your surgery went so well. Soldier has one of those in addition to his other problems. He is impossibly stressed and fighting at the vet, so until his back gets better, we have to wait to see what needs to be done.