Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Read My Lips

Day before yesterday I recieved my new Woman's Day magazine for February in the mail.  One of the first articles was entitled, "Read My Lips".  This caught my attention, so I read on. It's about a new book out called, "Lipsology: The Art and Science of Reading Lip Prints" by Jilly Eddy.  In the book she shares what she's learned about people's personalities from their lip prints. In her research she has correlated over 10.000 of them with their owner's traits. Here are a few that was listed.

The top lip print has a wavy upper lip which is a sign of creativity and imagination. The V-shape "gourmet lip" split means you're romantic, a foodie with champagne tastes, and a potentially great cook.

The lip print on the bottom shows a slight protrusion (known as a "hug pucker" which means you're not openly demonstrative, though you're affectionate in private.  Also, very little space between the lips indicates stubbornness: You know what you want to do and how you want to do it.

The lip print on the top of these three is a diamond shaped print that shows that you are accomplished and give generously to your community.  The fullness on the bottom of this print indicates that you're an excellent communicator and children adore you.

The second lip print in the picture above has a small "Cupid bow" on the upper lip which means you excell at mediating and negotiating.  A lot of space between the lips says you're open-minded, with no preconceived ideas about people and situations.

The bottom lip print is an overall rounded shape and says you dislike conflict, look out for others and are happiest when those around you are happy, too.
Corners that point up, with an open space between the edges, indicate a multitalented person who hates boredom.

The article suggest that you make your own lip print and use these guides to see what it says about you.  Curiosity got the best of me. So I made my own lip print. (see below)

I definitely have a diamond shape lip print with corners that point up with a   small cupid bow.  Translated this means I'm accomplished and give generously to my community, a multitalented person who hates boredom, and I excel at mediating and negotiating.  Can you read anything else in my lip print that I might have missed? If I believed in any of this I would probably buy the book, but I'm sure my lip print shows what a tight wad I am. 

Maybe I should enter for a chance for a free lip print reading (valued at $40)  to get the true reading of my lips.  Or maybe not. I think I'll just kiss my hubby and see how he reads my lips!



Carol said...

Very interesting! I've heard of reading palms, but never lips.

I could not find any internet information on my vintage skiers. If you find anything please let me know.


Sush said...

I like the idea of letting Hubby decide!
Cute posting...

Vee said...

☺ You had me chuckling and now , naturally, I want to test my lips. Too funny!

Gloria said...

Yeah, see what the hubby says, lots cheaper! lol

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very interesting! I wonder what my lips say about me? Enjoy your day!