Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spooks Galore

In years past I decorated my house and my classroom with Halloween decor the first of October. After my two sons married and left home and I retired from teaching, I gave all the Halloween theme decorations to my daughter-in-laws because I thought I was past all that. I have since decorated with Autumn themed decor because I love this time of year. Fast forward seven years and now I have grandchildren. This changes my perspective once more when holidays come along. My grandkids started talking about what they were going to be for Halloween weeks ago. They are so into it (the dressing up part). So now I'm back into decorating our home for Halloween. For the grandkids mind you. I'm not going overboard like some people I know, hehe. (You know who you are.)

This framed picture of a gentleman from the last century greets you as you enter the front door. Nothing really spooky about him until you push a button on the frame and then this is what happens.


Isn't he cute?  A real spooky voice says, "Help me." Then there is a lot of moaning and groaning. The grandkids love it. Our two and a half year old grandson told me the other day that this character is his friend. I think he's trying to convience himself that this guy is harmless.  I've explained to him that all the decorations are just for fun and nothing will hurt him. He seems to take it all in stride, as does my hubby.


This homemade haunted house also is featured in the entry. I saw one the other day on another blog that puts this one to shame. They had taken a large doll house and transformed it into one of the spookiest haunts that one's imagination could take them. Maybe I'll tackle something like that next year, or maybe not. Things like that have to be stored somewhere and my half of the storage shed is at it's limits.


Decorations on the tree in the living area. Some are bought and some are homemade.

These ornaments I bought at Hobby Lobby. I thought they were so cute.

This scarecrow sits at the base of the tree. At night I plug him in and he lights up. On Halloween the grandkids and I decorate the front porch but that's another story. I paid $3.00 for him at a garage sale.

This cute idea I got from another blog. You can find these skulls at the Dollar Store. I display them in a deco jar that sits on an end table in the livingroom.
Grandkids loved these and had to take one home. 

The week of Halloween I'll get the grandkids over here and let them help me decorate the front porch.  They get a kick out of doing that every year. I hope I am creating some fun memories for them and they will remember what it was like at Papa and Nana's house at Halloween. time.                                                            






Oklahoma Granny said...

CUTE decorations!

countryliving said...

Very creative and great memories for kids.

Anonymous said...

I Love all your spooky decorations!! Your Grandkids will Love it all too.
Just keep making memories :)

Anonymous said...

Great decorations. I am sure your grandkids will have wonderful memories.

Gloria said...

Your decorations look awesome Christine!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job, Sis. I really like the skulls in the glass jar! Gotta do that myself!

And, I don't go overboard on Halloween, unless you consider downloading the Funeral March as a ringtone on my cell phone....