Monday, October 25, 2010

Tour of Homes

Yesterday I decided to take a walk in our neighborhood. I was hoping to get some good pictures of the tree foilage but was disappointed that our trees haven't turned yet. Yet, I did notice there were quite a few homes in our housing addition for sale. Most of the homes in our neighborhood were built in the 80's except for one block over. Those homes were built in early 2000. Our neighborhood is mostly middle class geriatric homeowners. Not much traffic and relatively quiet. We love it. We are close to schools and one of the main throughfares in town that leads to shopping areas. Homes sell quickly in our neighborhood.

    This home is two doors down and is for sale for $164,000. It has been updated throughout.

You could probably pick this one up for a steal. It has been on the market for almost two years. When it first went on the market it was listed for $150,000. I'm sure the seller would take any offer now.

This home is newer than most of the homes in the neighborhood and has an inground pool. Priced in the mid $160,000's.

We looked at this home five years ago when it was for sale and at that time it was listed for $174,000. It needed a lot of updating and would have taken a lot of work. It finally did sell and the owners did some updating and now they are reselling it. It sold within a week.

This home is listed for $150,000. The lady who lives here is a widow and wanting to move closer to her children in Texas. It probably needs some updating but one could always make an offer.

The home in the pictures above is not for sale. It has three bedrooms, two baths and an open kitchen/dinning/living area, utility room and two car garage. I hear the owners are building a screened-in porch with deck in the back. It also has a curved driveway in the front which is great for parking for guests. The owners are a nice retired couple who hope to stay here a long time, so I don't see it going up for sale anytime soon. (smiles)






Miz Liz said...

Those people sound nice...sure would like to meet them one day *grin*

Oklahoma Granny said...

Your home is lovely. I've always thought a circle drive would be a wonderful thing to have.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Beautiful homes and nice large lots. Our subdivision has really small lots, I really don't like neighbors so close, but what can you do. Hugs, Marty

Ms. ~K said...

The last one was my favorite!
Glad it's not for sale!
Lovely place you have,

Ninny said...

Are you trying to tempt me? I think my "tightwad" wants to keep the house we're in, so I'm stuck. If he wants to stay here, then he's going to have to open his wallet and fork out some dough for updates.

Say, the old couple who live in that last house sound oddly familiar. Or maybe just odd. LOL wink*


JackDaddy said...

I love looking at homes for sale. Thank you for sharing these!

Mel said...

That last house is beautiful. I bet the owners are really nice.

countryliving said...

I like looking at homes.
Loved the last one the best.

Our leaves have changed colors and have fallen off, or should I say after today - they have all blown all the way to the coast.