Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snippets of My Backyard Garden

I can't remember where I found this old ladder but knew at the time I might need it for my garden.

My pretend sunflower garden.

My favorite rose.

Everything is blooming early this year because of the mild spring we've had. The weather has been perfect for gardening.  Hopefully, the summer won't be as hot as last year. I lost a lot of flowers to the heat.

How does your garden grow?



Sherri B. said...

Your garden is so neat, tidy and pretty. I imagine that it gives you hours of enjoyment through the summer and beyond. Things are just starting to wake up around our neck of the woods. xo

Ina in Alaska said...

That is a great use for an old ladder. Your gardens look lovely! I enjoyed the tour, thank you very much.

We are in the midst of cleanup, raking up the debris as the snow melts. I enjoy Spring cleanup. It's a nice fresh start.

Anonymous said...

Your yard is wonderful.

Jeff said...

Wow! It's beautiful, Christine! I wish I had time to have a backyard like that. I haven't planted one thing this spring, and my chances are running out!

Carol said...

I love everything about your garden, especially that bicycle! The roses in your header picture are gorgeous!


Gloria Hood said...

Just beautiful! My garden grows only cause my husband takes care of it!!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Right now our garden isn't growing! It's pretty cold again, but hopefully soon hubby and I will be out working! Enjoy! Your garden looks really pretty. I love the bicycle!

Rebecca said...

Oh Miss C...everything is just gorgeous! I hope we continue to have MILD weather and don't burn up like we did last year. That was terrible...wasn't it?

Anyway...hope my lawn and garden looks as beautiful as your place does someday!


Sush said...

I sure needed that garden's beauty! You have a beautiful and fun garden...makes me happy just touring!