Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Scarves and Hats

I've been knitting a lot lately trying to get ready for the Christmas rush. I sell quite a few scarves and hats at my booth and then my daughter-in-law takes a few of them to the bank where she works and sells them there to her co-workers. They like to give them away as Christmas presents.

These are just a few of the ones I have knitted. If they all sell well then I will continue to knit a few more if I have the time. I visited a yarn shop in T-town a couple of weeks ago and saw some beautiful yarns but they were so expensive. All I did that day was druel and roll my eyes. One of these days I'll break down and buy some of those yarns but those scarves will be knitted for me.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! and Guess What???? I received my scarf today!! OH MY!!! It is Beautiful and so soft! You are Amazing!!!! I Love it!!!
Thank-You :)

Ina in Alaska said...

I would love to buy the red cap w/white snowball on it! Please send me the info if the cap is available

Email address is


Gloria said...

I agree! The fancy, expensive yarn.........for me only! lol

Carol said...

All your creations are beautiful! Job well done!


Oklahoma Granny said...

They are all lovely but that third one from the top really caught my eye. You create such beautiful pieces.

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and I especially love the caps at the bottom!