Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Veterans

My dad was 22 when he joined the Army during WWII. He wasn't married and knew our country needed him and others like him. My father-in-law was 35 with two young children and one on the way when he joined also. Though neither one saw combat they did go overseas to serve where they were commissioned. They were away from their families and the comforts of home.

My husband joined the U.S. Army National Guard when he completed college and served for twenty-eight years. He was trained yearly and spent many a weekend and summers away from me and our two sons so that he would be ready to serve if ever needed.

There is something very special about our men and women that are in or have served in the military. They share a patriotic camaraderie that unites them in times of peace and war. Many times I've seen my husband shed quiet tears after seeing a touching story on T.V. or after reading a story in the newspaper about another soldier. When one hurts, they all hurt.

Today I'd like to thank not only those in my family that have served, but the thousands of others who have served or are serving to protect our country and the freedoms we enjoy. 



Miz Liz said...

That was Beautifully written by the time I reached the end I'm in tears.
Thank your husband for me :)

Gloria said...

In tears here also. A big thanks coming to your hubs!

Mel said...

Beautiful post, Christine.
Thank you.