Friday, July 29, 2011

Decorative Gift Boxes

Instead of giving a gift in a gift bag or a paper wrapped gift, why not give a gift with a new twist. A gift within a gift. I buy wooden boxes at a local hobby store on sale or with a coupon. (Never pay full price.) Buy any size that you will need for the gift. I either paint them or cut and glue scrapbook paper to fit the box. I perfer the scrapbook paper because there are so many beautiful patterns to use. Embellish with silk flowers, old jewelry, ribbon, lace, shells, etc. (Use your imagination).

This gift box is painted and then I glued ribbon and a silk flower on it. So easy.

On this one I used scrapbook paper, paint, ribbon and a bird's nest. Seed packets or thank you notes fit easily inside.

This is another one where I used paper, paint, ribbon and a silk flower. Scented votive candles or makeup brushes would fit in this one.

   With this one I used scrapbook paper, silk flowers and an old brooch. This one sits on an side table in my rose bedroom.

I've made many more, but have either sold them or given them away with a gift  card or an iTune card inside.  These gift boxes are so much fun to make and so easy. Hope you try this gift giving project out. 



JackDaddy said...

I didn't see a dog on any of those boxes. What kind of friends do you have? :)

Gloria said...

I sure will have to try some of those! Thanks for sharing!

Miz Liz said...

Beautiful!! I usually decorate Baskets, but I love this idea as well :)

Mel said...

They look beautiful.