Friday, August 12, 2011

This and That

Rowdy has been at the vet hospital with a bout of intestinal problems but is doing better. Heard from our vet this morning and meds are doing the job of getting him well. Whatever caused the diarrhea is a mystery. He's had no fever and it is probably something he ate. It had to be something he ate outside because we haven't changed his diet. The vet said that 75 to 85 % of dogs having this problem is caused from something they've eaten. 

On a happier note we've had some great weather the last few days. Rain and cooler temps.

It's amazing how the weather affects one's disposition. We were weary of the hot temps and watching everything burn up. With the much needed rain it seemed to perk everything and everyone up.  Hot weather is forcasted to return next week but won't hit the three digits we've been having.

School has started and our grandchildren are all excited about that.  I took our oldest granddaughter shopping for school clothes yesterday.  This is something we do each school year and she really looks forward to it. What girl in her right mind wouldn't? 

Actually, I have more fun than she does when we are shopping for school clothes for her. I have learned one thing about her on these shopping expeditions though. She likes things with lots of sparkle and glitz.  Do they ever grow out of that? 

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Gloria said...

Sure hope Rowdy is well on the mend! The rain looks awesome and I am sure the lawns look better because of it. But mostly, loving the temps! Clothes shopping with little girls, aweeeee, so much fun!

Vintage Christine said...

So happy that Rowdy's getting better--there's nothing worse than a sick puppy dog. Oh wait, there is something worse: a sick husband. Horrible to deal with. Unless they're REALLY sick, of course. Good to hear the weather in OK is cooling off a bit--it's still hot as blazes here in southern Mississippi--husband just came in dripping with sweat from working outside and said he had to get in the A/C since he actually thought he was going to faint!

Miz Liz said...

Glad to hear that Rowdy is doing better :) Hopefully you will be able to bring him home soon.

Love shopping!!!

Ninny said...

Glad Rowdy is doing better. Oh my, the rain was good! Temps in the nineties here, who would have thought we'd be happy with that?! Cailynn got a haul!!! Wow, she will be stylin' at school with all the sparkle, Ha!

Sush said...

Whew, I was beginning to get worried about Rowdy when Rocky didn't report back in! So happy your weather has turned...our is supposed to this evening!
I remember going on a 'spree' with my grandmother...joyous memories you are creating there Chris!


Oklahoma Granny said...

So happy to hear that Rowdy is feeling better. It's amazing how our grass went from brown to totally green in less than a week. I think I'd enjoy shopping with your granddaughter. Although my personal wardrobe has no bling I love to look at all those sparkly clothes.