Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Hundred Years

This sweet lady that attends the church where I worship turned 100 years old a few weeks ago. Isn't she beautiful?  She definitely doesn't look one hundred. We gave her a "big" birthday party to celebrate her special day and the local newspaper gave her a one page write-up on what she had experienced in her lifetime. If you think about all that has happened and everything that has been invented during that time it boggles the mind. Wars, the Depression, assasinations of famous people, the bombings of the Oklahoma Federal Building and the Twin Towers in NYC, inventions of the car, airplane, telephone, and computers. That is just a smidgen of events that she has seen in the last century.

I'm amazed at what has happened in my lifetime and I have another forty years if I were to live to be one hundred. I can't even comprehend what may happen or the inventions of the future. I'm having difficulty just keeping up with all the inovations of today's world. It will be fun though to sit back and watch with anticipation the inventions of the next ten, twenty, or thirty years. I hope I live long enough to see researchers find a cure for cancer and diabetes and other diseases that cut lives short. I also hope to see transportation that doesn't consume crude oil and, hope beyond all hope, politicians that get along and work together for the betterment of our country. So, having said all this, what do you hope to see or live through til you reach one hundred?



Ina in Alaska said...

Your birthday lady is indeed beautiful, and I send my best wishes to her as well. Yes she has lived to see many things and political issues.

I too try hard to keep up with technology but it is HARD, I agree. I have no idea what the future holds in terms of inventions but I look forward to cures for the diseases you mentioned in your post. I am just hoping to live comfortably in my older years and hope to avoid Alzheimer's, a condition that has struck my late grandmother and I am afraid, my dad.

Vee said...

Wow! She looks amazing and if I were to guess her age, I'd guess in her late 60s or 70s. Oh my, yes, she's seen so much...cars, planes, wars, and all the things you mention.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pretty Lady!!!

We have so much technology today....it boggles my mind so I have no idea what I would like to see...except maybe a car like "The Jetsons" lol

JackDaddy said...

She certainly does not look to be 100. Must be some good living!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Great grandchildren - but not for several more years!

Anonymous said...

I would like to live to see my 2 kids spend one day not bickering at each other.
I'm not holding my breath.