Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Snow

We woke up Monday morning to our first snow this winter here in NE Oklahoma.  By the afternoon is was gone. Just the way I like it. Some areas got 2-3 inches. Last year we received around 28 inches of snow and by the end of the season I was sick of it.

                Morning doves were at the birdfeeder bright and early.

         To my friend Ina in Alaska, we have moose in Oklahoma too.



Carol said...

I couldn't believe so many schools were closed for 2 to 3 inches of snow!


Vee said...

Pretty cute moose, too!

What a difference a year makes...I remember all that snow and ice you got last year. This looks preferable.

Rebecca said...

Yep...ours was gone by nightfall as well. YEAH! Being a Cali girl I don't love the white stuff when it hangs around too terribly long!


Love, Rebecca

JackDaddy said...

We had snow here too. The road to the mountains is still closed :(

Sush said...

So far only the mountains in North Cackalacky have received the snow. Not complaining....

Inger said...

And we got some this morning, but it's starting to melt already.

Ina in Alaska said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha .....!!!

Love your snow! We have so much snow this winter that there is no more room for the Municipality of Anchorage to put it when they have plowed the streets!

Love your sweet little moose. Give him a little hug from me!

Also, because of so much snow there have been more moose out on the roads getting hit by cars. It has been a terrible winter for snow and so many moose have died this year.... :(