Friday, February 10, 2012

Grandmother's Cottage - Part 2

I promised pictures of the interior of my aunt's cottage in Harlingen, Texas but let me give you some history of the home first. The home was built in the Revival English Tudor style in 1925.  When she and her husband first saw the home it was empty and had suffered from a fire a few years before. It was literally out in the country sitting on two acres. Needless to say, she had to have it. 

 She has lived there for 25 years and she and her husband have built on to the home adding more living space over the years. Since her husband died in the late 1990's the home has fallen in disrepair somewhat. She hasn't updated or changed any of the decor since refurbishing it many years ago. Living on a fixed income has made it hard for her to do the things needed to repair and update.  Even so, I love the charm of it and love taking pictures.

If you're family or close friends this is the front door. It leads into the screened-in porch at the back of the cottage.

Grapevine with lights hang from the ceiling of the screened-in porch.

 An antique stove is in one corner of the porch.

A twig bicycle planter in the other corner.

The livingroom and dinning in the forground. These rooms are in the front of the cottage and get morning light.

Dark wooden beams and woodwork are throughout the home. The floors are also made of wood and red tile cover the floors in the sunroom and kitchen/den area.

                                      Another view of the livingroom.

    The formal dinningroom is orginal to the home and is large and full of light.

The sunroom has large windows that look out to an enclosed garden that leads to the hottub.

                   A reading nook in one of the corners of the sunroom.  The master bedroom is just a few steps away.

     Antiques are scattered throughout the home which adds to the charm.

A large hall leads to the master bath from the master bedroom. The shower and utility room are to the right of the dressing table and sink. A door leads outside to the hottub from this bath.

Everywhere you look there are little tables, shelves or bookcases full of pictures and knickknacks.

The front door is made of dark hardwood and has a beautiful arch at the top. Many of the doorways are arched.

There are two other bedrooms and bathrooms and a large kitchen, eating area and den combo. I didn't get pictures of these rooms but they all have large windows that let in lots of light. From one of the bedrooms there are stairs that lead to a large bonus room. In the past my aunt used this as her art studio. Today she is unable to get up there.

One thing I might add is that she claims this house has a resident "ghost". Several family members and guest have heard the "ghost" but have never actually seen it. I have yet to hear or see anything and I've been there many times. Maybe it doesn't like unbelivers.

The city has moved out toward her home and she is no longer in the country. Housing additions are all around her and it's five minutes to the nearest shopping center. Even so, when sitting out in the covered porch, it is quiet and serene. Early mornings are best to hear the many different kinds of birds that come to feed at all of her birdfeeders. Her home is a wonderful place to get away and just relax.

I might add that when we go for a visit my cousins and I do all the cooking while we are there. We want her to sit back and enjoy our visit. Of course, being family, we enjoy all the stories she tells of growing up with her brothers and sisters. (our parents)  We laugh a lot.

                                     My aunt when she married .

                                           My Aunt Grace today.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of her home. I had fun showing it to you.



Carol said...

Your aunt's house is so charming inside & out. I love that screened in porch. Thanks for the tour!


Sherri B. said...

You can feel the warmth and the love that she has put into her sweet home! She was a beautiful bride and is still a very pretty woman..Her skin is so nice, I wonder what her secret is? - Have a very nice weekend> xo

Gloria Hood said...

This has to be one of the most beatiful posts I have ever read, in every way, including your aunt! Thank you Christine for sharing her and her cottage with us!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very nice photos of your Aunt Grace's home. I love the grapevine! And the outside photos are just as nice as well. I missed a few days, so I'm caught up now! Hope you have a nice weekend! Thanks for your kind comment today!

Jeff said...

What a beautiful home and woman. Thanks for sharing!

Vee said...

Your aunt is a beautiful lady who knows a little something about keeping and decorating a charming home. She must enjoy having you all arrive. Bet you help out with many little things while you are there. Thank you and her for the wonderful tour.

Ina in Alaska said...

Getting caught up. LOVED this post & this gorgeous & charming home. What a treasure your aunt is & lots of style! She was a gorgeous bride.

Thanks for sharing,

Milah said...

I enjoyed my visit. That ceiling is amazing and so are the arch windows. I love her oak furniture in the bedroom and bathroom. And I noticed the lights wrapped around that tree out back. I bet that is beautiful at night. Thanks for sharing.