Thursday, February 9, 2012

Grandmother's English Cottage

Today I am going to show more of my aunt's garden in Harrlingen, Texas.  I also want to show you pictures of her home.  It is the only English Tudor cottage in Harrlingen.  When she and my uncle bought their home 25 years ago it was a small two bedroom, one bath home with an eat-in kitchen. Over the years they added two more baths, a bedroom, den and a garage built on to the orignal house with the same style. Most of these pictures were taken when it was cloudy and don't do the grounds justice.

Front view of my aunt's cottage.

This picture is a view of the front of the house. Notice the giant Pony Tail plant near the large window.

This summer she will have flowers blooming across the front of the house.

The back of the cottaqe near the screened in porch. We spent many mornings and evenings sitting out on the porch watching the different birds feeding at the feeders.

To the far right you will see a swing hanging from a large tree where two people can sit and converse or spy on those in the hot tub. (smile)

The pond at night.

The bridge at night.

My aunt's granddaughter was married a few years ago in the backyard of my aunt's home. Lights were strung everywhere. My aunt has left some of them to light the garden at night. It is absolutely beautiful.

Tomorrow I will show you the interior of her home. It is just as charming as the outside.


Postnote: My header picture was painted by my mother. Did you see the wolf lurking in the background?  Poor little rabbits.


Milah said...

You've got my attention! I can't wait until tomorrow.

Is there a chance we can see pictures in the summer when all the flowers are in bloom? Thought I'd ask. :)

Thanks for pointing out the wolf, I had to go back and look for him. Nice painting but I'm a little sad for the bunnies.

Inger said...

You don't think you'll see a Tudor Cottage in Texas. These are lovely pictures and I'm looking forward to seeing the inside of your aunt's home.

Vee said...

Oh how exciting to see the inside, too.

I thought that was a charming painting and then saw the wolf. Wonder what your mother was saying here... Be careful...keep your eyes and ears open???

I can tell that your aunt has an enchanting garden and the lights just set it off beautifully. Did you attend that wedding?

Sherri B. said...

Your aunts home is lovely, they did a wonderful job of the additions..they look like they were always there. - Your mother is quite a talented artist..I am believing that the rabbits will hop right into their hole before the mean wolf will harm them. xo

Rebecca said...

Dear Miss C....what a JOY to view this lovely home. I love Texas and secret wish we could return one day...probably won't happen, but I love it that much.

Your Momma is sooo talented. I'm loving all I see!


Gloria Hood said...

Just beautiful! Love the painting and looking forward to seeing the inside of the cottage!

Ina in Alaska said...

I am enjoying the tour of the beautiful outdoor spaces & looking forward to seeing the interior!

Looked like a wonderful visit!