Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kitchen Makeover

As most of you know I've been working on a kitchen makeover. Stripping wallpaper, sanding, texturing the walls, more sanding, and finally, painting, has been my job focus for the last month.  The makeover is 95% complete. At a later date we will add a new kitchen sink and faucet.  I have to do this in stages as money is available. 

                     Our kitchen and dinning area have gone from this,

                                                           to this,

to this,

                                                        and this,

and this.  The paint color is Valspar Filoli Honey.

I found this copper pot at a local antique market and added the floral arrangement to it.  The boy and girl with ducks was china painted by my mother many years ago. 

          I covered our dinning room chairs in a beautiful red and gold fabric.  I've decited when I tire of this fabric I can always recover.  I think this is the fourth covering on these chairs.  LOL

I still need to paint around my kitchen window, but my body says to relax a while before going forward.  In a few days I will tackle that job. All in all, I'm very pleased with the results.  If you have noticed I've written the word I throughout this post.  It is because I have done all this makeover myself!

One thing is for certain...I won't be doing any more makeovers for a long time. This one about did me in.  This chick isn't as young as she use to be.

Cluck, cluck.


Carol said...

It looks wonderful! Great color choice! I commend you for doing this all by yourself! WOW, you are Wonder Woman!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! YOU did a Great job!! It's Beautiful!! Love the colors!! Love everything about the make over.
We will be starting ours soon....we are getting outside work finished first...you knowing boring stuff like roof, flashing, sky lights...but we have leaks :( hopefully by Friday no more leaks!!

Vee said...

It looks beautiful! My sister made me that very same set of boy and girl that you have on the table. Her colors are a bit more muted, though. They sit in my sewing room now, but who knows when they might make a move.

Love the color of the walls and the stencil above the doorway.

What does your husband think of it all? Hope that he likes it, too.

Jeff said...

It looks great! Way to go! It's definitely time to rest and enjoy the rain.

Ina in Alaska said...

I extend an invitation to you to come up to Anchorage and help me with my kitchen! Right now I am too lazy to do any kitchen redo but I am thinking about one! I need to get rid of old wallpaper and just paint as well.

Your redo looks very nice. I really like the color. One of my bathrooms is a soft yellow, similar to your rooms.

Good job!!!!

Gloria Hood said...

It ALL looks wonderful! Great colors and love the chairs! I sure couldn't do all that alone!

Anonymous said...

You did a fantastic job. I love the color you chose. Take it easy, you deserve it.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

You did such a GREAT job! I love the floral arrangement! Looks really pretty! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I love the color and that copper pot on your table is beautiful. Job well done, Sis!

Anonymous said...

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