Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life Just Keep Getting in the Way

Blogging has taken a back seat in my life lately. Have you noticed?  Taking down wallpaper in our kitchen, medical check-ups, cleaning up the yard and flowerbeds, babysitting grandchildren, and domestic chores have taken precedence. In other words, life is front and center of my universe right now. It's not hectic by any means. I don't allow my life to be hectic anymore. I take it nice and slow. The wallpaper is down, finally. My kitchen/dinning area is still a mess, but I don't plan to have company anytime soon. Sanding and painting is next on the agenda and then hopefully, everything will get back to normal in there.

The weather in Oklahoma has brought spring three weeks early. I've taken advantage of it and done some cleaning up in my flowerbeds.  My hubby has helped me out some. He's not a "go getter" when it comes to yard work. I think he helps me because he doesn't want our neighbors talking about how his wife slaves out in the yard and he doesn't lift a finger.

Today we are having dead limbs on one of our maple trees in the backyard trimmed. Keeping an eye on the trimmers is a full time job. I don't want them butchering it. An ice storm about five years ago really damaged it and at that time we had it trimmed and were just happy to be able to save it. Since then it has grown out lopped sided and needed another trim. I am pleased with the results.

The grandchildren have had soccer games and birthday parties to fill in some of my time. Everything stops for that.

I've also gone to some estate sales and attempted some crafty projects in between all this and I'll have a show and tell later this week. Today I am going to rest and catch up on blogs that I like to visit. Some "me" time I call it.  Don't let anyone tell you that life can be boring once you retire from a full time job. You just exchange on job for many others!



Carol said...

You have been busy! Love those birthday cakes!


JackDaddy said...

Everyone deserves some me time! And it sure looks like you've earned it!

Gloria Hood said...

Hmmmmm....and I really did think retirement would be boring. Guess I had better think about this again! lol

Ina in Alaska said...

I don't think one needs to do a blog post every day anyway. We who follow you can always check in.

I had a chuckle about your husband helping with outdoor chores. Sounds like mine. I take out the garbage, deal with the lawn and snow removal, all repair people and rake and walk the dogs. Our neighbors rarely see Mr. O. I think it might be normal?? As long as he works and provides well that is ok with me! I like dealing with all that I deal with.

Looking forward to seeing the new paint some day. I admire your ability to enjoy your grandchildren.

Mel said...

You have been busy!! I love the cakes.

Vee said...

It certainly looks as if you have been very busy. I am glad that you are pacing yourself. Your tree looks as if it is doing well with the trims provided. It's worth it, I think, to make the investment in a good trim. Those handsome boys look very pleased with their terrific cakes.