Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Wreaths

I'm one of those people who will stoop to making my own decorations for Christmas before I'll pay an arm and a leg for them at a department store or gift shop. Wreaths being one of them.  I'll put one together and use it a few years then tear it apart and make a new one. The one above is in the entry hall. Below are somemore of the ones I made this year.

The Santa face is homemade and I found it at a garage sale for $1.50 in great condition. What a steal!

These wreaths aren't as elaborate as those you see in flower shops but they are festive and spruce the house up for Christmas. They also save me a ton of money.

Merry Christmas,


Milah said...

I like being creative and resourceful, you have done both and saved $$$! That make it even better!

Oklahoma Granny said...

All of your wreaths are wonderful. I especially like the one with the ice skates. SO clever! You could be a professional wreath designer yourself.

JackDaddy said...

I always like going shopping right after Christmas for the expensive things like wreaths. I found a Martha Stewart one for practically nothing!

Ina in Alaska said...

Homemade with love xoxo

PS I have decided to hold off on the hat..... so much going on in my corner I am overwhelmed. Then I found a hat in my pile of hats that is similar to the one you made and I admired. This hat is also a Santa type hat and it has two white fluffy pom poms on it.......getting senile in my old age..... xoxoxo

Gloria said...

I have much more fun making wreaths than buying them!!!

Anonymous said...

Your wreaths are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

I love the ice skates wreath! Where did you find the skates? You can put it on your door for January, too. Wreaths are fun to make.