Thursday, December 2, 2010

Silver Dollar City Christmas

                                                           The entrance.

My sister.

                                                             Notice the sign.

                                                            Making glass ornaments.

                                                  A $20.00 Christmas ornament.

The hubster.

This gentleman is carving a sweet potato. He told us that when he teaches children how to carve he gives them a potato to carve first because it's cheaper than wood and if they make mistakes they can eat it.

Isn't this guy cute?

Corn, okra, potatoes, onions and green and red peppers fried in a huge black iron skillet.

                                                         A Christmas show.

                                                          The train ride.

By the time we rode the train the temps were dropping and the hubs were complaining about how cold it was getting.

                                                           He's still cold.

All of us were getting cold so we decided to skip the parade and head back to town and warm up, eat and go to another show.  It was the best decision we made because we went to see the Texas Tenors. Awesome show!



Ninny said...

Wasn't that fun?!!! I still wish we had stayed longer to see the lights. Maybe we should go back this weekend? Just kidding, Ha!


Miz Liz said...

Looks like Fun!! The hubs looked
They should have went shopping...that would have warmed them up :)

Oklahoma Granny said...

I didn't see a photo of the huge tree that lights up and night and the lights dance to the music that is piped in. SURELY it's still there. If not, my oldest grandson will be severely disappointed. It's his favorite part of a S$C Christmas. I have one of those $20 ornaments that I bought several years ago when Engler's Block was still open. We always enjoy a ride on the Christmas Sing-a-Long Train and Grandpa telling the story of the 1st Christmas. Were you able to see one of S$C's "A Christmas Carol" performances? If not, you definitely need to go back for that! One more question - I think the Texas Tenors were on America's Got Talent a couple of seasons ago. Am I right? If so, they are FANTASTIC!

Mel said...

Love the pictures. It looks like there is so much to do there.

granny said...

Looks like a fun time! I really need to ask..What the heck is succotash ???
Please excuse my Aussie ignorance.
Btw..Ninny spilled the beans on how many breakfast plates you had ,lol!!

Canyon Girl said...

Hi there, I only now realized that you have your own blog. So I decided to visit. I have followed your sister's blog for some time. I can see you must have had such a great time.--Inger