Friday, December 17, 2010

Sick Baby

For the past two days we have had our youngest grandson staying with us during the day because he is sick. He has been diagnosed with a sore throat (not strep) and cankor sores in his mouth due to whatever virus he has. The doctor isn't sure what it is but did put him on an antibiotic because his ears looked like they were in the early stages of an ear infection.He also has a slight cough. In other words, he's miserable. He has been going to school (daycare) since August and we knew he was bound to get sick sometime or another. When one of the grands get sick I drop everything and give them my undivided attention. That means they spend a lot of their time in my lap. No housework, running errands, washing, etc. for me. All that can wait. Just Nana time with the sick one.

He's been sucking on a cold washcloth because it is soothing to his mouth. Either that or it gives him comfort. Whatever works.

Papa is good to go get this and go get that. At one time during the day grandboy ask for a chocolate doughnut with sprinkles and Papa got up and went to Homeland and got him two.

Being retired has its rewards. Taking care of sick grandchildren is one of them.

Hope you are all well,


Oklahoma Granny said...

Bless his sweet heart. I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

Carol said...

Poor little guy! :-( You're a great Nana!


Gloria said...

Awe........wish I lived close enough to my grandkids to do that! Sure hope he feels better soon!

Ninny said...

You are a good Nana and your grandbabies are so lucky to have you love on them whether they are sick or well. Hope Rootie Toot gets well real soon! Santa is coming...


Mel said...

Poor guy. I am sure having you take care of him will make him better in no time.

Miz Liz said...

Your the Best Nana!! poor thing I sure hope he feels better soon :)