Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last Minute Mini Get-Away

A couple of weeks ago I called my sister, (Ninny's Notes), and asked her if she and her hubby would like to go with my hubby and I to Branson sometime during the holidays to see the Christmas lights. Well, she got back with me real fast and it was a go. I didn't have to twist her arm. A few quick calls to make reservations and we were set. The day after Thanksgiving we all took off and headed to Branson. We checked into our cabin mid-day and unloaded the cars and headed to Wal-mart for groceries and a little bubbly. Once shopping was done we decided to go to one of our favorite resturants and had a great dinner.

My sister and her hubby.

After dinner we went to The Mansion to see a show with Debbie Boone and The Gatlin Brothers. They were all very entertaining and sang a lot of their number one hits. Once back at the cabin we girls hit the sack because we had to get up early the next morning to do some serious Christmas shopping, but the hubsters got comfortable and watched a little football.

Remember this picture because this is where the guys spent a lot of their time.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the cabin and headed to the outlet mall. Now this was the day after Black Friday but you wouldn't know it by all the crowds. My sister and I took the saying, Shop Til You Drop seriously. We spent a lot of mula on our grandkids.  By the end of the day we hurt all over. While we were shopping the guys were fixing a pot of chili and watching, you guessed it, football. Why they didn't want to shop with us is beyond me. I'm sure we had much more fun. We spent the evening watching Bedlam football and sis and I knitted some stocking caps.

I'll continue our adventures in Branson tomorrow but until then
head on over to my sister's blog and get another take on our time there.



JackDaddy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time!!! And you got a lot of stuff done too.

Vee said...

Now you gals know how to have some serious fun!

Gloria said...

All sounds like a lot of fun to me!!

Miz Liz said...

Loads of fun!!! :)

Milah said...

Sounds like fun, makes me wish I had a sister. Wanna adopt?

Mel said...

What a beautiful cabin. I would be willing to watch football if it meant I could stay in that cabin.

Oklahoma Granny said...

The Gatlin's put on a great show but I've never seen Debby Boone in concert. I'll bet she puts on a good show too. Like I told your sis we are a house divided here. I was very disappointed that the Pokes didn't win this year. And like I said, on the upside Gundy got coach of the year. Yea!