Monday, January 17, 2011

My American Dolls

Our seven year old granddaughter had a great Christmas. Santa brought her an American Girl Doll and her great grandmother bought her one also. Her nana (moi) bought her the Samatha set of books and DVD. Not having girls of my own I didn't know to much about these dolls. However, I've learned a lot about them in the last few months. They are very well made dolls and will last forever if taken care of. They are high dollar too. Each doll is $95.00 and the assessories are expensive too. Looking through the catalog I noticed one of the doll beds was $125.00 and a horse for one of the dolls was $85.00. There are clothes, books, DVD's, pets, beds, etc. that go with each doll. BTW, the DVD's are awesome. The acting is great and they are very well produced. I've watched one with my granddaughter and was really impressed with the quality.

I had a lot of dolls growing up during my childhood. Baby dolls, a ballerina doll, Barbie dolls and my favorite was a Madame Alexander doll. I still have a couple of my Barbies and a Ken and the Madame Alexander doll. Below are pictures of my real American Girl dolls.

I just love playing with them. I know you are thinking that I'm too old to be playing with dolls, but I just can't help myself. They are so much fun. The baby doll wets, cries, laughs and walks. The older doll sings, dances and loves clothes. Perfect for someone like me. These dolls are so special I won't loan them out to anybody. Not even my sister. Besides, she has her own dolls to play with.



Gloria said...

LOL Very cute post! And the Dolls are beautiful!!

Carol said...

American Girl dolls & books are so fun. The girls in my reading classes loved reading the books. Molly & Kit were my favorites.


Miz Liz said...

Cute!! They are the Best kind :)

Canyon Girl said...

Those dolls are great, but expensive. I love dolls too.--Inger

Oklahoma Granny said...

American Girl dolls are great. In fact, I bought one for myself last March. However, real live American girls are the best dolls of all!

Ninny said...

I love your American Dolls, too! Aren't they more fun than our old Barbies?