Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Word for the New Year

One of the blogs I follow asked her readers what word they would choose for themselves for the upcoming new year of 2011. I had to think a minute and ultimately chose the word contentment. I've always thought I was a contented person and truly blessed but lately I've had my doubts about the contentment part. Especially, this season in my life. Turning 60 a few years ago was tramatic to say the least. Now at 62, I am officially considered a "senior citizen" in most circles. Not to long ago I saw Jane Fonda and Ali McGraw on Oprah and they were telling the audiance and viewers how liberating being in their seventies was. Fresh off the plastic surgeon's operating table they had the faces of thirty year olds and the bodies to match. I don't have such  luxuries. I get to keep my face and body as is for the rest of my life. Not a pretty picture.

I am intelligent enough to know that one can't stay young forever and the body gets older as the years go by and yes, there will be aches, pains and wrinkles. But looking in the mirror, I see that I'm losing my eyebrows and I swear my ears are getting bigger, and where my lips went I don't know. I finally have boobs but they hang to my waist and the hair on my head once thick and a pretty auburn brown is thinning at a very fast rate. I have arthritic knees and I don't think you want to know about my colon. In other words, getting older sucks and I am not content with the whole concept of it.

As you can see the word contentment is the perfect word for me this year. The  Bible class that I attend on Tuesday mornings will begin a study on contentment with the different seasons of one's life and I am hoping this study will enlighten me on how to deal with my feelings of getting older. Don't get me wrong. I am content with having grown children and grandchildren and the freedom that I have now in my life to enjoy retirement and do what I want to do when I want to do it. But I am not content with the aging process.

Having said all that, my question to you is what word would you choose for yourself for 2011?  I would love to know.



Oklahoma Granny said...

Good question. I'll have to think about it.

The second paragraph made me laugh out loud. In my mind I don't feel nearly as old as my body seems to think I am.

Carol said...

I enjoyed this post, especially the part about eyebrows! : ) It seems we're experiencing the same things. Contentment is a great word for 2011.


Gloria said...

I will have to think on this one for awhile. I am pretty content with my ageing process already. I also am 62.

Mel said...

A great post, Christine. My word is Calm, for many different reasons.

Ninny said...

We talked about our words, just this evening in GO group. I chose trust.

Trust that God will provide.
Trust that He has a purpose for me.
Trust that He will answer my prayers.
Trust that He knows what's best.
Trust that He is faithful.
Trust that He will carry me.

In other words, I need to give it all over to HIM.

I love you...just the way you are. You are beautiful to me. Even your colon.


Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm still thinking of a good 2011 word for me but I had to come back over and tell you that we're big Castle and Mentalist fans here too. Australian actors seem to be quite the thing now what with Simon Baker and now Alex O'Loughlin.

Vee said...

Hahahaha, you made me laugh, Christine. Oh I so know what you mean about the Jane Fondas of the world "fresh from the plastic surgeon's table." Who needs that kind of role model. I nominate you for a role model. You're looking pretty good to me. There should be a point where we just don't care about these things beyond general upkeep. There, I've got myself laughing now.

2 Tramps said...

Nice to hear about the colon thing - I thought it was only me! One word? Maybe... - transition - there are many changes that need to be accomplished around here...

Vintage Christine said...

Oh good Lord I am sooooo glad someone else besides me is losing their eyebrows! I used to have such thick ones and now I dare not pluck a single one! However, I've sort of figured out what happened to them--they migrated to my chin and upper lip!!!!!! My word for 2011 is "positive"--I've got to start thinking that way more and stop being negative!