Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Story of Us

A few years ago my dad's sister, my Aunt Grace, made a scrapbook for my dad. She gave it to him a year before he died. She wanted him to know how much he meant to her. At the time they were the only siblings living out of five children. My dad was ten years older than my aunt and he was her "big" brother. My dad had two older sisters and one younger brother and one younger sister, my Aunt Grace. The scrapbook is about their life growing up together and the fun times they had. She made a point to visit him and give him the scrapbook in person. It really meant a lot to him that she would give him this meaningful gift because he knew a lot of work had gone into it.

My dad and Aunt Grace looking at the original scrapbook.

When my dad passed away I gave the scrapbook back to my Aunt Grace. After all, it was about her as much as it was about him. She promised somehow she would make copies for my sister and I. As it turned out we were able to get together with other cousins last summer and one of my cousins photocopied the whole scrapbook and put it on a DVD for each one of us. I had mine made into a photo scrapbook not to long ago. I plan to have another one made so both my sons will have a copy. This is so special to me and I hope someday my children will find it to be also.

All the stories are written in her own handwriting.

These are just a few of the pages in the scrapbook.

This scrapbook is full of family history and was a wonderful gift for my dad but little does she know that it was a special gift to all of his family and the generations to come.




Miz Liz said...

That is a Perfect Gift. Making Memories :)

Gloria said...

What an awesome gift that was! It will continue to bring joy for many years!

Canyon Girl said...

What a lovely story. I know you will treasure it and so will your kids.--Inger

JackDaddy said...

What a great thing. Once people are gone, you lose so many memories!

Ina in Alaska said...

That is very precious indeed. We need to preserve our family histories for the younger generation.

I am hoping you will perhaps share some stories from the scrapbook in future posts.... maybe a story per post? I love family stories. Aunt Grace seems to be so precious.

How is Ninny's husband doing? I hope he is recovering well - please give her my regards.


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What a precious gift, Christine.... Such a treasure. You are so fortunate to have a copy of the scrapbook AND the story that goes along with it...



Vee said...

What a beautiful gift from a sister to her big brother—a true labor of love. I'm so glad that it has been duplicated for others in your family. It's a true family treasure.