Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rowdy Says

                            OU pillow...check.
                            Fiesta Bowl...check.
                            Snacks... ???????...Mama, bring me some snacks!

footnote:  Thanks Dawn Marie for the idea.



Gloria said...

So is your team doing good this year Rowdy? We only follow the Patriots! It sure is fun to watch a football game though, isn't it?

Miz Liz said...

Rowdy looks Ready for anything!!!

Canyon Girl said...

I bet you get a lot of snacks brought to you, because who can refuse a face like yours.--Inger

Ninny said...

Yep, a male. That pillow is atrocious. Greg would love it.



Mel said...

You are too funny.

Oklahoma Granny said...

What's a football game without snacks?

Vintage Christine said...

I think Rowdy needs glasses--he is REALLY squinting (just like I do, and I DO need glasses). Cute cute cute!!!!!

Vintage Christine said...

Please email me your address so I can put you on my "goody stuff I send out occasionally list" (my email address is on my blog). Since we have the same name it's just logical that we should be pals. That being said, however . . . when asked what he wanted from us for Christmas, my father replied, "George Bush's new book." Me, my sister Sally, Dad's stepson Al and Al's wife are all bleeding heart liberals and you would not believe the completely stupid argument we got into about who was going to go get it because none of us wanted to touch it much less spend our money on it. We finally stopped being stupid and Judy said she'd go get it but we all agreed that had he asked for Sarah's book, he would've had to hop all the way to Sam's Club for it. All that is just my way of explaining why I don't have either of those books on my bookshelf, ha ha ha.