Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Home

Our youngest son and his family moved into their new home last weekend. They had it built on two acres they bought last year outside a small community about ten minutes from us. I love where they are because it is so peaceful and quiet and you can see all the stars at night that we can't see in town. They still have a lot of landscaping to do and trees to plant before winter. In the next few weeks they are having a fence built in part of their yard in the back.  Right now they are trying to unpack and get everything in order. It has been a job but the end is in sight. 

If any of you have ever had a house built you know the headaches that go along with it. They've had plenty believe me. But all in all, it's a beautiful home. I'll share pics of the inside when they get it ready to show. Here are some pictures of the area around them.

                        Grace Place Road that leads to their new home.

This home and acreage is across the road from them. You can barely see the cows. The grandsons and I took a walk down the road to get a closer look. I think this is as close as the two year old had ever been to cows. He was fasinated with them.


This is a continuation of Grace Place Road that leads to three other homes and a pond that is stocked with bass and trout. Their neighbor has given them free reign to fish there.

I like it that they have neighbors close by but not on top of them like in town. They have wanted a small acreage for a long time and we are so happy for them and I wanted to share this bit of news with all my blogville friends.




granny said...

They certainly have a beautiful home..and so close to you :0)
Now thats a Plus !!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Your son and his family have a beautiful new home. I'm sure his boys will love living out where there's lots of room to play and critters to see. Building a new home can be a headache at times. When we built our home a couple of years ago we tried to bypass some of those headaches by having one of our friends from church be the contractor. He normally builds custom homes MUCH, MUCH larger than the one we built and he did a wonderful job. I don't think we experienced near the headaches we might have but there were still a few.

Gloria said...

What a lovely home and area around it!

Miz Liz said...

What a Beautiful home can't wait to see the inside. I really miss the country (born in Virginia) I hate living in town :(
Love all the acreage and the pond sounds very inviting. Love hearing roosters crow and cows moo...brings back memories :)
Thanks for sharing

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Such beautiful surroundings, and their home is fabulous. Congratulations to them. Hugs, Marty

Mel said...

Their home is beautiful. Can't wait to see the inside.

JackDaddy said...

I'm so happy for them. I remember what it's like to build your own house!

Ninny said...

Raising the boys out in the country will be so fun. I remember our days out in Sullivan Village and it was a great place for kids. It looks beautiful. I can't wait to see the inside too.

Take pics of your garage sale, too!


altadenahiker said...

What gorgeous countryside.

Vee said...

Lovely home! Many blessings to your son and his family as they move in and enjoy it.