Thursday, September 16, 2010

Roaring River State Park - Day Two

The morning of our second day at the park we got up very early and  the kids fixed a big breakfast before beginning our day of fishing.

After breakfast the guys went to get their fishing license and the girls and I took the kids to visit the hatchery a short walk away from our cabin. Trout are bred and raised to maturity and eventually released into the river. Each night a horn blows and that lets everyone know they are about to release 250 fish. During the fishing season, March through November, around 250,000 trout are released.       
                                           Looking down on the hatchery.

                      Trout in a hatchery tank.



Once the guys got back we went down to the river and they fished and I took pictures.  

 Not everyone fished but sat around and wrote in journals about the trip and drew and took pictures. It was a very relaxing morning. After a few hours of this we made lunch at the cabin and relaxed for an hour. 

The guys went to fish some more and some of us found a great spot to wade in the icy clear water to look for rocks and enjoy the weather.

The water was so clean and clear and as you can see there were minnows swimming all around us. The kids really enjoyed this area.

Our youngest son and his family left later in the evening so they could get back to work the next day and and get the kids back in school. The rest of us continued fishing for the rest of that day. 

Even though many other fishermen/women were out that day and were catching trout left and right our crew wasn't so lucky. Actually, luck doesn't have anything to do with it. It takes skill and the right kind of bait. My daughter-in-law was brave enough to go up to some of them and ask what kind of bait they were using. With that information she sent the guys to the bait shop to buy some. The park ranger also told us what to use and that first thing in the mornings is the best time to fish because the fish are hungry. He ask my husband and oldest son where they were going to fish the next day and said he'd be sure and release some extras in that area. It pays to get to acquainted with the park ranger. So off to bed early because another early morning was in the works. One more post coming up tomorrow of our last day at Roaring River and I'll also post more pictures of the river and the foilage.



Vee said...

Are those your grandgirlies on the swing with you? The oldest looks so very much like you! So cute. Hope that the third day will be the charm and that some trout will be caught. :D

Miz Liz said...

Love the Clear water :)

Oklahoma Granny said...

The crystal, clear water is just amazing. I'm sure hoping fish were caught the next day!

JackDaddy said...

Well you've inspired me. It's off to the mountains next week for us!

Mel said...

Lots of fun!!

Ninny said...

It sure looks like a lot of fun out enjoying God's beautiful world!