Friday, September 24, 2010

Oklahoma Sunset

On our way home yesterday evening from our youngest son and his wife's new house I took these pictures of the sunset. Now try to imagine the colors a much more vivid orange and hues of pinks with blue gray clouds with wisps of white streaks in the sky. My camera took great pictures but didn't transfer to the computer all that well. The closer we got toward town the sun became a huge orange ball in the sky. When I see sunsets like this one it reminds me of the song we sung in church when I was a young girl. I especially love the last two verses.

Beyond the sunset,
a hand will guide me
To God the Father,
whom I adore;
His glorious presence,
His words of welcome,
Will be my portion on that fair shore.
Beyond the sunset ,
O glad reunion with our dear loved ones who've gone before;
In that fair homeland we'll know no parting;
Beyond the sunset for evermore.

I pray that wherever you live you are blessed with beautiful sunsets.


This post dedicated to my daughter-in-law who lost her mother six years ago yesterday.


Gloria said...

Beautiful verses! Thanks for sharing!

Ninny said...

I remember that song well. We never sing the old hymns in church any more and I miss some of them.

Love ya!


Mel said...


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I love that hymn! So beautiful! What a comfort! And the pictures are beautiful as well!

I am refusing to put my fall decorations out until the weather cooperates! It's been in the high 80's for us and we're up in PA. Maybe next week!

Enjoy your weekend!

countryliving said...

That was beautiful.

JackDaddy said...

Beautiful pictures! We have some amazing sunsets out here too!

altadenahiker said...

Didn't transfer well? These are absolutely gorgeous. Full of the feeling of open spaces and big sky. Please excuse me while I go back and stare some more.