Friday, September 17, 2010

Roaring River - Last Day

The last morning we were at the park everyone got up at six so we could be out fishing at seven. Some of us were harder to get up than others.

Our granddaughter
I stayed behind in the cabin with our ten month old granddaughter while the rest of the family went fishing. I could hear my daughter-in-law hollar everytime she caught a fish so I knew they must be having a good time. After two hours of fishing they came back to the cabin and had breakfast. We packed up and headed home by noon. Everyone had a great experience at Roaring River and I would highly recommend this park for camping and fishing. There are several camp grounds, cabins and two lodges for accommodations. The town of Cassville is just a few miles away if you want to buy groceries or anything else. 

Below are some pictures of the river and what we saw while there. 



One of the lodges.

There were a lot of these trees.

Walking Stick

These butterflies were everywhere.

I hope I didn't bore everyone with the three days of post on our fishing trip.
Our next adventure is planned for next month with a train trip in Van Buren, Arkansas. My husband has always wanted to take that train ride in the fall of the year when the trees are turning and we are looking forward to it.



Oklahoma Granny said...

So happy to hear the fish were biting on your last day there. I just took a photo of a preying mantis on our patio door this morning. I've always wondered how that train ride would be. Can't wait to see your post on that experience.

Anonymous said...

You didn't bore me!! I Loved going along for the ride :)

JackDaddy said...

I loved the pictures. I felt like I was there with you - without the stinky fish! :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had such a good time. A train trip sounds great - I can't wait to hear all about it.
Have a nice weekend.

Gloria said...

Looks like a wonderfful place to stay! I think those walking sticks are so cool too!

Anonymous said...

Train trip next month? UH! I wanna come!

Roaring River looks beautiful! I wanna go there, too!


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

What wonderful photos. Your post made me smile :)

altadenahiker said...

Oh gosh, how beautiful. And I must know -- did I miss it? -- how did you cook the fish? Pan fry?

Christine said...

My kids and hubby didn't keep the fish. Threw them back in. Time was short and didn't want to haul them home two hours away. Next time hopefully, will be able to bake them in foil. Cut off head, wrap in foil without skinning the fish. Add butter and herbs and bake. When you pull off the foil the skin comes off with it. Easy.