Friday, February 25, 2011

Bringing Spring Inside

Saw this silk flower arrangement with "how to" instructions in one of my magazines I get each month and just had to put it together.  I thought it would look pretty on the dinningroom table. It's still a few weeks until spring outside so I brought spring inside our home with this arrangement.

It called for three peonies on the front side and I added two more for the back side, 7 calla lilies, 7 tulips and 11 ranunculus.  I had to substitute roses for the ranunculus since I couldn't find any. It also called for berzelia berries to use as fill ins and I can't find those either.  Had to use what I had.  It doesn't look exactly like the magazine arrangement but I think it turned out just as pretty. 

This is another silk flower arrangement I made a few years ago.  Tulips, hyacinth, and daffodills are the main flowers in this one. I have it sitting on the halltree seat as you come in the front door.  I have another silk flower arrangement and a new spring wreath for the front door I want to put together but will do that in a few weeks.  Hopefully, by then, Hobby Lobby will have more of a variety of silk flowers I can choose from.



Carol said...

Great job! It is so pretty, Christine!


JackDaddy said...

Well, I just knew you had made the flowers!!!

They do look great!

Gloria said...

They both are very pretty! I use to make a lot of wreaths. Lots of fun designing!

Miz Liz said...

I Love it :) You did a Great job!!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Your arrangements are so pretty. It was certainly a day to bring Spring inside because outside was anything but!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

They're lovely!! We all need a little bit of spring at the end of winter!!

Hope you're having a good weekend!!

Mel said...

They are beautiful and give me hope that Spring will be here one day.

Ninny said...

They're beautiful! I still have winter decor up in my house. I'll be lucky to get it changed out by spring break!