Friday, February 4, 2011

Out and About

We are getting more snow today. In fact, it looks like another five inches on top of the ten inches we received Tuesday. More is predicted this Sunday and next Wednesday a larger front is coming in with more snow. We just don't get this much snow in Oklahoma so we aren't prepared for it. Case in point:  The picture below is of our neighborhood streets. Can you find it?

When we finally got out of the house today, since last Monday I might add, we came upon someone digging the snow out from under his car tires. This is a common sight in the neighborhood.  It's not much better on the main streets that lead to major shopping centers.

We were on the way to buy groceries when we passed the local liquor store and we noticed how busy it was. In Oklahoma you can't buy wine in our grocery stores and only light beer.

The glass plant where our youngest son works.

When we got home we had the driveway and sidewalks cleared for a whopping $70. We felt with more snow coming it would be a good idea not to let it build up to high or we'd never be able to get out. These guys were going door to door.

My lady by the front porch.

                                             My pet owl.

I filled up both bird feeders and within an hour all the feed was gone. Red Winged Blackbirds were hogging all of it from my cardinals and chickadees. By the way, our grocery stores are out of everything. Trucks carrying food staples like meat, milk, eggs, butter, fresh fruit and veggies are not able to get in. They are stuck out on the interstates because of all the snow. And who knows when school will start back up. Saw a sign on facebook that showed the state of Oklahoma with the words "Oklahoma Closed".  That about sums it up.



Vee said...

Oh that's terrible. I am praying for Oklahomans right now and for the trucks to be able to get in. Enough of this rotten weather!

Miz Liz said...

Oh My!!!! That is a lot of SNOW!!!!
I'm glad you still have electricity at least you can stay warm and cook and hopefully more supplies will be able to get through.
I hope we will be able to make our flight out on Wednesday. Orlando>Atlanta>Seattle>Fairbanks

Carol said...

It's still snowing here. This afternoon we got 3 1/2 inches. I can't believe they're saying we can get so much snow next week!!!

Trying to smile,
Carol ; )

JackDaddy said...

I love the 'Oklahoma Closed' sign. I imagine those guys clearing the snow are earning every bit of their $70!

Kathy said...

Beautiful pics of your Winter Wonderland, but I bet you're wondering: when will it end?!

It wasn't like that back in October when we drove through OK! It was sunny and the farmers were bringing in the harvest! What a drastic change!

Getting lots of crafts done? :)
PS Yes, our feathered friends know where to find a good feast!

Gloria said...

it's been a crazy winter all around the country!

Mel said...

Oklahoma Closed indeed!! That is a LOT of snow.