Monday, February 28, 2011

Silence Is Golden

We kept our grandsons this weekend while their parents went to Eureka Springs, Ark. for their anniversary.  Boys and puppies make for a wild time especially when one of those boys is three years old. I had to keep my eye on both the three year old and the puppy. The noise level was high and Rowdy spent most of the weekend under my bed.  He's an old dog afterall. I'm tired but thankful for the time I had with all of them.  Today I shall relax and relish the quiet time.  Silence is golden.


Carol said...

A friend of ours used to say, "Our grandkids made us happy when they visit and when they leave". I now know what he meant! : )

Enjoy your day!


Miz Liz said...

yes, grandsons are great, but it's nice when they go back to mom and dad :)
our oldest grandson turned 3 on Sunday and his Birthday party was Saturday at the park with a ton of other 1-5 year olds....I was happy when the party was over :)

JackDaddy said...

Without noise, there would be no silence! :)

Mel said...

Enjoy your quiet time.

Canyon Girl said...

I can just imagine! Your grandkids and puppy are just so cute.

Gloria said...

Sure looks like the new pup was enjoying it! hehe, Sometimes it is just too quiet here! Licky Kisses, Billy