Saturday, February 12, 2011

Skin So Soft

First of all, this is not a commercial AND I  don't sell Avon.  Just a raving review for this amazing body and hand lotion.  My husband and I have suffered with dry skin all winter and have tried everything out there on the market with no luck.  A young mother at our church started selling Avon recently and I ask for a catalog.  Looking through it I spotted the Skin So Soft products.  I had heard that this was great for dry skin.  I ordered three different products from this line.  Skin So Soft Mineral Gems Diamond Blush Gelled Body Oil, which I use after I shower and then I apply the Skin So Soft Mineral Gems Diamond Body Lotion over that and I ordered my husband the original Skin So Soft Body Lotion.  I am here to tell you that this product WORKS. Within a week of use I no longer suffer from dry skin.  This is awesome stuff. I highly recommend it if you are having the same problem with dry skin and nothing seems to work for you. 



Ina in Alaska said...

wonder if it would work well on dry feet. Mine are terribly dry.

Gloria said...

Thanks for this info!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Good morning Christine!

Well, aren't you the clever chickie! Loved your little poem.... And, yep, it took the zip out of my giddy-up....that's for sure!

Love the photo with your little grandson....oh the BLESSINGS of grandchildren!

I love the smell of SSS.....however..........I am allergic to the stuff. Can you believe it? It's great for so many's even supposed to deter bugs. Yeah, I can't breathe when I use it. Not a good sign. :-)

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your Valentine!


Vintage Christine said...

I love it too, and it really works well. However, it does NOT work as a mosquito repellant as some people think!