Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blessed Chaos

I follow a blog entitled, Blessed Chaos. This morning I understand completely the meaning of the phrase.  Thursday night our oldest grandson spent the night with us and then last night the youngest grandson spent the night with us. They rarely stay at the same time. They are seven and three. Both love coming over and staying with us because Nana plays and entertains them the whole time they are here. That in itself leaves me exhausted. 

 Our son, daughter-in-law and oldest grandson came this morning to pick up the youngest grandson and all chaos broke loose.  They are all talking at the same time, gathering up belongings and trying to find things they just walked in with. The dogs are excited and playing underfoot. It's chaos.  By the time they are out the door it's like a loud, swirling tornado has swept through the house and the aftermath leaves a much shaken old couple in it's wake. With shaken nerves I collaspe in my chair with two Tylenol. 


Yes, I'm tired and yes, I enjoy the peace and quiet that as an empty nester I have earned. But, I know too, that I'm blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I have four beautiful grandchildren who have rocked my world and given me much joy. So, I thank God for the blessed chaos in my life.  But...I can only take it in small doses.



Gloria said...

Gosh I sure understand that! Now picture this senario, one mother/grandmother, her four kids, one SIL, one DIL, two grandchildren, two dogs, three cats, all in one house for eight days! OMG! I'm thinking I will need something much stronger than tylenol! LOL

Miz Liz said...

I think you described it perfectly :)
Tell hubby "Happy Fathers Day"

Mel said...

Thank goodness for Tylenol.

Ninny said...

What would we do without them? Our lives wouldn't be nearly as full and rich!

Oklahoma Granny said...

We always enjoy having the grands come to visit but usually a few minutes after they've left my husband will say to our dogs, "Hey, do you hear that? Quiet!" The dogs seem to understand totally.

Vee said...

Good thing our kids don't see us just after they've left...we'd never get to see the grands again. ☺ It certainly can be exhausting.