Friday, August 6, 2010

Lemon Chess Pie

Let me make myself clear. I don't like to cook. Much. I did all the cooking at our home while our boys were growing up and after thirty years of it I let my husband take over those duties. He retired three years before I did and he enjoyed having the time to try out his talents. It was so nice to come home from work and have supper ready. After I retired I continued to let him do the cooking. Now we eat out as much as he cooks. But once in a while I get the bug to get in the kitchen and try out new recipes. In fact, I have recently bought some new cookbooks and have enjoyed trying out some.

Sometimes I find good recipes in magazines or the daily newspaper.
I found this recipe in the morning paper yesterday for lemon chess pie and decided to try it. It was so easy and delicious. It's real lemony and rich. So if you like the taste of sugary lemon this is for you. It's not a pretty pie but the taste makes up for it.

Lemon Chess Pie

One third cup butter, room temp
One and one half cups sugar
Three whole eggs, room temp
One and one half lemons, juiced
One half teaspoon salt
One unbaked pie crust

 Cream together butter and sugar. Add eggs and beat well. Mix in lemon juice and salt until smooth.
    Bake in preheated oven at 425 degrees until the filling starts to brown (about 13 minutes), then reduce
the oven temp to 300 degrees for about 20 minutes until the pie is set. Let pie cool.  A
footnote was added to this article: In testing the recipe the writer thought the filling was a bit short so he tweeked it by adding an additional egg and an additional one fourth cup sugar to the recipe above. Either way I found this pie very good. Especially with a big glass of cold milk.    

Did you notice the big chunk of the pie missing in the picture? My youngest son stopped by before going to work and helped himself to a piece. He loved it. He told his wife about it and when she came to get   the grandsons after she got off  work she had to try a piece. Thank goodness my other son and his wife live 30 miles away or there might not be any left for me.




Ninny said...

For someone who doesn't like to cook you sure have a lot of recipe books! Or, it looks like a lot to me, anyway, coming from someone who hates to cook. Maybe that is the difference. Anyway, you're lucky there was a piece left for you. Hope you saved some for Rowdy.


Miz Liz said...

Looks Good!! I Love to cook/Bake!
Baking Sweets is my very favorite thing to do :)

Gloria said...

Sounds delish! Maybe........someday......I just might......try some baking again. lol

JackDaddy said...

I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't care for chess pie. But it does look good :)

Mel said...

The pie looks good. I just ordered Pioneer Woman Cooks. Can't wait to read it!!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Oklahoma Granny said...

The pie looks yummy!

When my hubby was in high school he worked at several fast food places and always seemed to work as a cook. He told me prior to our wedding that he was never cooking again. And he's held true to his word - except for grilling duties. He does that with no problem and with great results. However, if he had to cook inside, we'd live on cold cereal, cold sandwiches, chips and store bought cookies.