Friday, August 20, 2010

Painting Dilemma

Last November my father passed away and I inherited a bedroom suite that at one time many years ago was my sisters'. She didn't want it so I moved it to my house to go in our third bedroom. This room has served as a playroom for my grandchildren for about five years. I thought that by using it as a playroom they wouldn't drag toys out all over the house. Boy was I wrong. They still want to be where the action is and that is in the livingroom. So, I decided to scale down with toys and turn this room back into a bedroom. Now I need some help from my blogger friends out there. I want to paint the room a different color. It is now a boring creamy white color. The bedroom suite is a creamy yellow so the paint would need to coordinate with that color. I can't decide what color I should paint this room. That's my dilemma.

The room is divided with a chair rail aound the whole area, so two colors of the same color spectrum could be used.  Below I've pictured the comforter on the bed. I thought about using one of those colors.

Please recommend a paint color if you have an idea what would look best. It is so hard for me to make a decision.

Thanks, Christine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Carol said...

I think a pale shade of blue would look so good with the yellow furniture. Those 2 colors always compliment each other.


Gloria said...

I think almost any shade of blue would be good!

Mel said...

Definitely blue!!

JackDaddy said...

Would you consider painting the furniture also?

altadenahiker said...

I say you go with Monet's colors (which I will do too, one of these days). Pale yellow walls (paler than the furniture), lilac/blue accents. The colors aren't coming out true on this (there should be no orangish), but here's the idea.