Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No More Dish

For some time now our youngest son has told us we need to get a DVR for our TV so we can record shows we don't want to miss. You can also pause in mid showing and then return and not have missed a thing. How that works I don't know but I don't question technology anymore. We have been a loyal customer of DISH Network for many, many years now and my husband called them about receiving a DVR. (My hubby had seen an ad saying new customers could get one free for signing up.) He was told that he would have to buy one (but not actually own it) and then pay a fee each month. It wasn't free for those who were already customers. This did not go well with the hub. His comment was, "You mean some Joe Blow can come off the street and get one free, while a loyal customer for some odd years can't get squat." He was told this was correct. After talking to four other people (each one higher up in the company) he got the same answer. I"ve got to admire his perseverance. This tirade went on for most of an hour. Another note, he had gone through this same routine last month and got nowhere.

This man was bound to have a free DVR! He cancelled DISH and went with Direct TV. They were offering a free DVR to new customers. So problem solved. He is a happy camper! So is mama. I'll miss him when the day comes he is not around anymore. He does come in handy. Ha!

Have a good day.


altadenahiker said...

Ok, you guys go watch TV, I prefer the porch. (Bet that's a great fireplace, though.)

Gloria said...

LOL, Yeah, men are good for a few things, huh? (hehe)

Oklahoma Granny said...

Good for your husband. I've seen other companies offer new customers things that their loyal customers have to pay for (which in turn probably also pays for the new guys free stuff). It's just not right. So much for a company's loyalty to their customers. But I think Joe Public is becoming wise to their shenanigans and things may change after awhile.

Miz Liz said...

He was persistant and got the job done!!! yippee :)

Ninny said...

Where there's a will there's a way, our mama used to say. Good for him....these cable/dish/cell phone providers all want the same thing: our money with a legally binding contract. And they'll do anything to get it, including practices that are just under the fraud radar. Go Tom!!


Virginia said...

If it weren't for one of my daughters, I'd never be able to watch anything! you don't want to know how backwards I am about TV related stuff.!

Kathy said...

I'm glad y'all went with DirecTV!
We have been very satisfied customers for nearly 3 years!
Especially when we can watch TV all over the country or record it on the DVR. Even in Canada! Our home is on wheels, so it's always moving!

Jeff said...

We had the exact same problem with Dish Network after being a loyal customer for years! We also switched to DirectTV to get a free dvr. However, we have found that their fees are higher than Dish Network. We had a very basic package, but received new customer discounts the first year. Once that was over, our monthly bill became $85! I said, "No way!" So, now we have the cheapest package they sell and still pay almost $50/month with only a handful of good channels. We are canceling when our 2 year contract is up in March and going with the local cable company for $18/month. As Liz said, cable/dish/cell phone providers are scammers!!